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You Do the work, We give you the Money

At YouDo, you get the money mortgage brokers would normally get. Mortgage brokers traditionally get paid thousands of dollars in "finders fees" for minutes of paperwork. At YouDo instead of keeping the finders fee, we retain a flat rate of $495 and give the rest to you. Our streamlined application process quickly allows you to get a safe and secure mortgage and potentially thousands of dollars!

The YouDo Advantage

Easy - we've simplified and made the process user friendly.
Fast - our on-line system is the fastest way to get answers.
Convenient - everything can be done from the comfort of your own home. No intimidating bank meetings.
Money - you get a cheque in the mail.

Our service is specifically designed to be the innovator and creator of the next way to obtain your mortgage in Canada. As demonstrated by other industries over the last 20 years, the Internet has changed the way consumers meet their needs. In the travel industry you would call your travel agent or airline to get a flight. Now you simply go online to any number of sites, compare carriers, times and prices and book from your couch at home. The insurance industry in much the same way is moving from a broker/provider environment to an Internet based service provider platform and YouDo is leading the way in the mortgage industry.

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